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Sustainable Fishing In Seychelles

After Tourism, fishing is the most important industry for the economy in Seychelles.

Up until as recently as 1980, Seychellois fishermen would use locally made wooden boats, pirogues.  Usually, fish would be salted on board, this is mostly due to a lack of availability of ice.  Ice was not readily available until the Seybrew brewery, the first company to make and sell ice, was established late in the 1960’s.

Artisanal fishing has without a doubt always been at the heart of the way of life in Seychelles.  Today, it is not only used to provide food for the community, it is also a huge draw for tourists

The Seychelles fishing Authority was created in 1984 to create the framework for the promotion of sustainable fisheries management and responsible fishing practices as well as the effective conservation and protection of the marine ecosystem.

There is an Eco-labelling (certification) programme of the Seychelles hook-and-line fishermen.  This label helps to promote good management of the small-scale fisheries in Seychelles.


Lobster is obviously a seafood that will always be in demand.  To protect numbers, the Seychelles Fishing Authority created seasons for when lobster fishing is allowed.  Typically, the season is open about 3 months of the year.  The seasons are very much dependent on Lobster ‘stocks’ at the time. 

In fact, the SFA considered the stocks to be so low, due to illegal poaching, that the season remained closed for 2018/2019.  When lobster season is open, the SFA restrict fishing by capping the number of licences available.

What Fish Will You Find On Our BBQ?

Our Creole Buffet is served six nights a week (a la carte served Wednesday nights).  You will always find locally and sustainably caught fresh fish on our BBQ.   Depending on the catch, you’ll find Job fish, Red Snapper, Barracuda, Jack Fish, Tuna.

Fishing Trips

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