About us

Family Owned & Managed For Over 20 Years

For over 20 years Les Lauriers has been a family run and managed hotel and restaurant.  In 2019 owners Edwin and Sybille took the hotel through its biggest transformation to date.

New accomodation and guest facilities of the highest quality have been realised with the upmost regard for the environment.

Our motto reflects our refusal to compromise on delivering a truly eco-friendly guest experience, a policy which also supports the use of authentic, local products across the hotel.

The architecture of the new reception and restaurant is reminiscent of traditional Pirogue houses, once commonly found in the Seychelles, complete with wooden beams and thatched roofing.

For a truly authentic feel, they have been built using local materials, including gravel sourced from the rivers of the Vallee de Mai. The roof of our kitchen has been converted into a green garden, here we are growing herbs and vegetables to give a truly local touch to every dish.

This organic produce perfectly complements the freshly caught fish and seafood served daily in our restaurant. Our new restaurant is bigger than before, yet we have kept the same cozy atmosphere we are famed for.  We are also now open for lunch!

Relax and unwind at our new swimming pool area with three interconnecting pools and a swim up bar. We now have 20 rooms, including 13 new builds.  Our existing rooms have been refurbished. The décor and design of the rooms reflect the true beauty of the Seychelles.

We want you to get the most out of your holiday.  So, if you are arriving early or leaving late we invite you to make use of our beautiful new day room.  Featuring shower and changing facilities, we can store your luggage for you too.

Leading the way in ‘Eco-Tourism’

Being environmentally friendly is of the upmost importance to us.  We are passionate about respecting and preserving the beautiful island of Praslin.
This belief runs through everything we do here at Les Lauriers.
When we were planning our new renovation, we took the opportunity to evaluate what more we could do in the pursuit of being Green.

What is Eco-Tourism?

Eco - Tourism is tourism intended to support responsible travel while conserving the environment and sustaining the well being of the local people.

With that in mind we have two main areas to consider when being an Eco Friendly Hotel and Restaurant.  That is our Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility


We take great pride and care of our gardens, take a look around all of our plants are endemic to the Seychelles.  

Being on a small island, we are very conscious of the high footprint that comes with imported food.  Therefore we always prefer to use locally sourced food wherever possible, this includes chicken, meat and fish as well as vegetables and locally made jams.

In our new boutique you will find almost exclusively local products available for purchase.
On a day to day basis we actively look to reduce waste wherever possible.  We already use glass bottles in all of the rooms but we will also be making use of refillable bottles for guests outside of the rooms too.
We are the proud owners of 8 Aldabra Giant Tortoises, who like nothing better than helping us with our composting!


We work closely with Pace Seychelles, a leader in environmentally friendly solutions to meet our ‘Green Objectives’

  • We are using Solar Panels, Water Stratification tanks to provide hot water, water recycling treatment to use in the beautiful garden surroundings as well as Innu-Science Biotechnology cleaning products, allowing us to remove toxic chemicals from the property. We also use Ozone Technology to sanitise our food, cutlery and crockery.

Social Responsibility

We employ Seychellois people wherever people, our local employment rates are some of the highest in the hotel industry.

Having fantastic relationships with local suppliers helps to ensure continued livelihoods and traditional farming and fishing methods.

We continually involve ourselves with community events, including beach clean ups and charity fundraising.