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Eco News: Commited to No Balloons - #seynotoballoons

Back in 2019, we made our commitment to stop using balloons in the hotel.

Undoubtedly, balloons are synonymous with celebrations.  But we are passionate to try and change perceptions of this.

We have hosted several events in the past year, including Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, and of course our big New Year's Eve party.  All of which we made the deliberate environmental statement to not use balloons.

The fact is, Balloons kill Turtles, Seabirds and other Marine life.

Being on such a small island, it does not take a lot for balloons to end up in the wrong place.  Even when disposed of properly, our landfills are usually close to the Ocean.

The biggest problem is that balloons are often mistaken as food by birds and sea creatures alike.  As you can imagine, the damage that is caused, to Marine and Bird life particularly, is devastating.

What About Latex Balloons?

Latex balloons are sometimes labeled as a more 'eco-friendly' alternative as they can be bio-degradable.  However, these balloons often still take years to biodegrade.  Therefore we will not be using these alternatives either!



We were delighted to see that The Ocean Project Seychelles have started their #SeyNoToBalloons campaign in January of this year.  We of course, immediately pledged our support to it!